Dental Assistant Salary

Nowadays we have a great level of instability as far as salaries in the medical field are concerned. Compared to other fields within industries, technologies, education, we can still say that the healthcare system is infinitely more stable in salaries and in careers.

dental assistant salaryBy statistical data, we can say that now it is actually a great time to get hired as a dentist assistant. This is because the dental assistant salary right now is in an increase compared to how the year 2013 started. Of course, a dental assistant salary of spring 2012 was higher than now, but things are expected to change and to improve in the following years.

Another fact is that people are more interested in dental health nowadays than a couple of decades ago. This means that people have learned that it’s quite important and benefic to a healthy life, to a normal painless life to have their teeth without cavities and in a good health. We all know that dental pain is one of the most horrific levels of pain and we surely want to avoid that. So, the point is, that you can count on stability as a dental assistant.

The average US dentist assistant salary right now is around $50,000 per year. Clearly, your salary will depend on a lot of factors. Considering that you are already qualified to become a dental assistant, it still depends on the location and on your experience.

Top Dental Assistant Schools Near You

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Let’s consider some examples per areas:

  • In the New York area, you can expect your dental assistant salary per year to be around $62.000
  • In Sacramento, CA it’s slightly above the average
  • In cities such as El Paso, TX, you will only be paid $40,000 per year
  • In Washington, DC you will be paid approximately the same as in the New York area
  • In Maryland, the salaries are a bit above the national average
  • In Las Vegas, NV you will be paid around $41,000 per year

As you can see, different regions across the United States are paid differently. It depends on the area, but you also have to consider your possibilities of staying in a well-paid area. For instance, it’s not always easy (without friends or relatives) to live in the New York area and make things worth it financially, for the sole purpose of working as a dental assistant.


Also, there are some differences between state hospitals and private hospitals or cabinets. If you want to put it that way, your dental assistant salary might also have a little luck included, meaning that if you are luckier you will be paid more (if you get to work where your efforts are more appreciated).

However, as a conclusion, a dental assistant salary as of this month is great on the average. You will also have something other workplaces wouldn’t necessarily get you: stability. People will always go to the dentist and every dentist will need a dentist assistant. It’s just the simple truth and you must know this, as well as you must know how important it is to become financially stable.

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Dental Assistant Jobs

dental assistant jobsAs a dental assistant who wants to get hired for the first time or even as an assistant who simply desires to be paid better for all the medical knowledge and efforts invested in this job, there are great dental assistant jobs available in 2013. Nationwide, dental assistants are always in demand. It’s one of those jobs, it’s one of those careers in which your services are constantly required, and if you acknowledge this truth then you already know how safe you are as a dental assistant in 2013 and in the future as well.

It’s useless to remain stressed about the future, to start wondering about how your  career will end up being like. All of the jobs which are now in demand are great career opportunities and market researchers have clearly concluded a great increase in jobs from the healthcare system. This means that dental assistants are only some of the healthcare workers which can rest assured to have a guaranteed future.

Although it might sound surprising or unbelievable, in some places with some conditions fulfilled, there are dental assistant jobs paying a salary over $100.000 per year. That is right! It’s such a great career, it’s such a great salary and not too many people working in healthcare would get such salaries, since some people must be satisfied with half of that or less than half of that, even if they work in the medical field. More

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Dental Assistant Training

female dental assistantIn 2013, if you have decided to become stable and qualified in your career, than becoming a dental assistant is one of the best options available. There are quite some reasons for this:

  • There is a steady increase in demand as far as dental health jobs are considered
  • Training options for all areas of the medical field are plenty and getting easier all the time
  • This is actually a sector with a constant increase of demand
  • Compared to unsure or not stable career opportunities, working as a dental assistant is very stable and provides you with a great future as far as financial stability is considered
  • You get to help people, to heal them

Of course, the above list could continue endlessly. Now, one of the first things that people often get scared of are prices. People often say “okay, I need a training, but I can’t afford it”. That is not entirely true! Even if sometimes, for some people, training prices seem to be exaggerated, you should think of it as this: is it still exaggerated when you get your yearly salary? We should think of dental assistant training as an investment in the future, in a stable career and in helping people and, why not, to have a higher dental assistant salary! More

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Dental Assistant Schools

dental assistantsLucky enough, being overwhelmed with the technology and innovation within all areas of our lives today, dental assistant schools are available for everyone on their classical form and even online! It’s a huge difference and a great change for everyone to have an opportunity in training online and still getting their dream careers.

Before choosing between dental assistant schools, you should make sure that this is what you have desired, since it’s very hard to work in the medical field if you only target your salary, the financial parts. It’s understandable that people need money, but it’s the worst thing to choose something which you don’t enjoy, especially when people’s teeth are in the game and you have your own responsibilities. Of course, the dentist is the most responsible on all operations, but you must also have a sense of responsibility and do things correctly.

Choosing online dental assistant schools is a great option for people who can’t go too far away to attend the classes of certain programs organized by universities or other institutes or who simply have other responsibilities but are willing to learn. More

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Job Description for Dental Assistant

Some people who truly want to be involved and become dental assistants don’t know what such a job really involves. Generally, a dentist can’t work alone, because dentistry is team work. Dental care is nowadays more important than ever and people appreciate their dental health more and more as days are passing.

Before getting to work as a dental assistant, you need a certification which is from a dental assistant school accredited by the ADA (which is the American Dental Association). Some of the courses or programs can be attended live at different institutions that organize such courses, while there are training programs online as well.

First of all, it is not simple to give you a dental assistant job description. The reason for this is because the tasks you will have to solve daily and the types of duties you could have while working can be of many types. Normally, you need to be great at all the technical dental things and procedures, but you also have to be great at other tasks.

Dental Assistant More

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